Tuned Low Profile Antenna


Tuned Low Profile Antenna

£15.00 Exc Vat

A low profile, tuned dipole couplet antenna, suitable for the PilotAware P3i transmissions.
This antenna has been flown by the PilotAware test team with good results, whilst being unobtrusive.

Supplied with a 3m lead to SMA connector.

Note: all antenna should be mounted vertically.



Product Description

This is a small, low profile, dipole couplet, adhesive antenna that is tuned to the PilotAware frequencies.

Installation should be quick and simple as it comes with a 3m lead and is intended to be used in place of your regular PilotAware antenna.

This antenna has been tested by the PilotAware team with good results.

It should fix discreetly and securely onto most surfaces, as it is supplied with a 3M adhesive base. To install, simply ‘peel & press’ the antenna into its desired position and connect to your PilotAware.

Measurements are

165mm high, 10mm x 20mm wide at it’s widest point.

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